Professional Interviews 

Full service interviews for business professionals, market research, testimonials and oral histories

What We Do

When you need an interview conducted, call on INTRVUU! Our professional interviewers are ready to conduct your interview. Here are some of the types of video and audio interviews we offer.

Interview Services



Video and audio content for your website and social media sites is powerful. Let us help you capture the words of your CEO, thought leaders, and team members. You decide whether to publish the entire recording or clips or both. Get an optional transcription to add more content.


Nothing is more effective in your marketing messages than the actual comments from your satisfied customers or clients about your products and services. We handle the entire process from scheduling through interviewing through providing the recording file and also a transcription, as required. We get it done.


Whether it’s your new product or service or potential feature enhancements, getting direct feedback from users is essential. We can conduct 1:1 interviews, focus group sessions or any custom scenario you define. We carefully follow your script and can also pose open-ended queries.


You are conducting research about public events or leaders. Or you are writing a non-fiction book about a compelling topic. Your grant or budget will allow you to engage a third party like us to help you obtain vital content. We precisely follow your instructions.


Reasons for bringing together a virtual panel run the gamut, from business and professional sessions to employee communications to customer engagements to public forums intended for online posting or media coverage. We provide the professional moderator, recording technologies, and digital file. Adding a transcription is always an option.


Most of us have good intentions about recording the unique, precious stories of our family members, especially those getting up there in years. While doing it yourself is nice, making sure it gets done can be more important. You decide interview topics and choose video or audio recording.


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